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The Story of Snow Dog Pro Health, LLC.

February 27, 2016 I saved Gunner, AKA The Snow Dog, from what was probably his last stop. This is his gotcha date and he is loving, wild and quite the character. Since I am so happy to have him I would like him to live a long & healthy life. However, finding healthy food, treats & supplements became a much bigger issue than I ever dreamed of. I want to prolong his life, so proper nutrition with balanced ratios and food without harmful chemicals or poor manufacturing processes became a must. The issue we ran into was if anything was good for him it was very expensive & if it was reasonably priced it contained things I would not allow Gunner to eat.

I am his eyes, ears and more importantly his voice. I am responsible for the nutrition he receives, so I do lots of research about cats and dogs and the ingredients, fillers & additives to steer clear from.

I created Snow Dog Pro Health LLC to help keep your beloved pets healthy and by your side.  Our lives are busy and Snow Dog Pro Health wants to create more time in your schedules by ordering from us instead of having to shop several different places to purchase your treats and necessary supplements.

I encourage you to visit our site often, as Gunner will be featured in ” The Snow Dog Blog “, along with prevention tips and knowledge to keep your little treasures safe and healthy.